Callout for NADS

Ok so hi

The real Paul Shapera here.

The NADS have gone out of control and Said they’re paul. But they’re not I am… it makes me rlly upset because im Paul and they’re not because I am Paul. Not them me. I’m Paul.

And Jane

Jane sucks. She is. Not Paul I am. Not Jane me. I’m Paul not anyone in the NADS because I am Paul Shapera not that bupid NADS group.


Callout for Paul Shapera

Paul Shapera or better known as Vadvi has been stealing my identity

Because I am Paul Shapera

I wrote the Laurajob because I am Paul Shapera. This fake Paul has been pretending to write act 3 but it’s actually me. Yes me I wrote it not this fake Paul (aka Vadvi)

So just calling out “Paul” for being an identify theiffb becaudhf he sucks haha roasted

Idk how to use this

Just trying out WordPress, I might post stuff about the comics and animations I make here as a personal memo since no ones gonna follow me anyways lmao